Anonymous whispered, "What happens when your moon sign is the same as your sun sign?"

It means the traits of that zodiac are exceptionally strong for you! And you are considered a double of that sign, for example, a Double Taurus, etc. :)

miss-tetra replied to your post: Rachel McAdams is actually a Libra, not a scorpio.

They’re probably taking into consideration the “new” zodiac sign, Ophiuchus, in which the Libra dates are Oct. 30 - Nov. 23

Oh yes! This Ophiuchus thing is an issue I think a lot of people are confused of. So I would like to (finally) address it to everyone.

Firstly, Western astrology goes by seasons. And it’s pretty much fixed. Secondly, Ophiuchus is a constellation. So it doesn’t affect Western astrology at all and your sign doesn’t change, no matter which year you are born in. There is still only 12 zodiac signs in total. :)

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