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Moon Signs Part 2 

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How do I find out my moon sign?
Here are some sites provided by my lovely followers that can help you calculate your moon sign: 1, 2, 3. You’d need your birth time.

Is my moon sign important?
Since it represents a person’s inner self and their emotions, it is important. It shows you how you deal with mood changes and emotions.

Moon in Aries
You have an attitude which adds fire to your personality. You may be quite demanding when young and often run hot and cold emotionally. You become independent very young and don’t like people to interfere when you are trying to master something new.

Moon in Taurus
You like being snuggled tightly and you need physical contact more than the other signs. You usually try to go out of your way to avoid messy, unpredictable predicaments where emotions have to be displayed.

Moon in Gemini
You prefer learning new things through a hands-on method rather than the traditional way. You like activities that challenges your mind. You have a personality that likes secrets and solving puzzles.

Moon in Cancer
You are usually thoughtful, always thinking about the needs and feelings of others. You will become quite distressed when you see others suffering. You don’t like throwing your items away as everything you own usually have some form of sentimental attachment.

Moon in Leo
Your emotional security will come simply from knowing you are loved. Although you may feel comfortable, you might turn hesitant outside of your safety zone. As a child, pure satisfaction comes from the fact that you are adored and well taken care of.

Moon in Virgo
In emotional situations, you will ask questions rather than reacting to it. You often rationalise situations and favour practicality. You may not express your love verbally but will try to do little things to help others as a way of showing them how you feel. You have a tendency to look for similar things from others as a sign that they love you too.

Moon in Libra
You are very sensitive to your environments and often can’t help but try noticing if anything is not normal. You do not easily compromise emotionally, and will let go if you feel your partner is not as willing as you. You usually tend to solve problems by what you feel is the most appropriate manner.

Moon in Scorpio
You tend to keep your true feelings to yourself as a way of protection. This clashes with your emotional and extremely sensitive personality. You rarely give people second chances and do not easily trust.

Moon in Sagittarius
You have an in-built sense of fun and adventure, often mentally active even when you are tired. You are constantly wandering, in your head if not physically. Seeing people laugh and smiling gives you great satisfaction as you like to share your joy. You can be resilient and prefer to put on a happy face even if you feel otherwise.

Moon in Capricorn
You were probably serious when you were young, wise beyond your years. You are likely to be reserved and uncomfortable when meeting new people. You tend to keep your feet on the ground, always realistic in your goals. You show your love by being responsible and dependable for everyone.

Moon in Aquarius
You are extremely observant, always analyzing people and their actions. You are often the “different” one and will try to be as unique and one-of-a-kind as possible. To others, you may seem lacking in compassion because you tend to assume everyone is as independent and detached emotionally.

Moon in Pisces
You tend to be quite optimistic in life. You are very forgiving too as you prefer seeing the good in people and believe in giving second chances. You might need to shown not to let others take advantage of your good nature. You also tend to take things too personally. 

Ascendant Signs 

What is an ascendant sign?
Your ascendant/rising sign is the sign rising over the Eastern Horizon at the time of your birth.

How do I find out my ascendant sign?
Here: 1 or 2. You’d need your birth time as well.

What does my ascendant sign tell about me?
Your ascendant sign represents the “facade” you put on in front of others. It’s people’s first impression of you.

What does it mean if both my sun and rising signs are the same?
It means that how people view you is the same as how you are on the inside. 

Aries Rising
You come across as impulsive, energetic and you often act without thinking. You hate limitations and restraints as you are rather aggressive and prefer charging at your goals. You are competitive, sometimes to a fault.

Taurus Rising
You come across as cynical and cautious. You like taking things slow as patience gives you the stability that you like. You are resistant to change and fiercely loyal to not only people but also your ideas. It can be difficult for people to convince you.

Gemini Rising
You come across as curious, almost about everything; frequently questioning and digging for knowledge. People usually describe you as the person with two personalities and being fickle. You like to keep things light-hearted instead of being overly-involved.

Cancer Rising
You come across as very protective of yourself. If attacked, you rarely attack back first; preferring to protect yourself. You can be easily influenced by the people around you and your surroundings so you should try staying away from negativity.

Leo Rising
You come across as stubborn, fun-loving and generous. You tend to over-estimate a lot, sometimes even yourself. You hate failing in anything, especially when others are there to see it. Once motivated, you do not hesitate to reach for your goals.

Virgo Rising
You come across as intelligent, shy and picky. You are rarely happy with the way situations or people are, you have a constant need to make them better or push them to be better. You like being useful; slacking makes you uneasy.

Libra Rising
You come across as polite, harmonious and pleasant. You may have trouble in dealing with conflicts at times as you are the kind to keep things peaceful most of the time. Sometimes, you have a great need to be accepted and approved by others. You are diplomatic and fair, always seeing both sides to situations.

Scorpio Rising
You come across as determined and intense. You rarely take things lightly. You don’t give your trust to others easily but when you do, you are comitted. You love success and don’t mind the competition. You are emotional, but you rarely show it.

Sagittarius Rising
You come across as curious and enthusiastic. You are always active and restless; you hate being restricted to a place, even though you know it provides you stability and security. You are direct and opinionated but have a great sense of humor.

Capricorn Rising
You come across as serious and conservative. You are competent in what you do and rarely depend on others or push responsibilites. You like being on the safe side; preferring not to break rules. However, you have a cheery and cheerful personality.

Aquarius Rising
You come across as unique and likable. You are usually the observers and sometimes people mistake you as cold and aloof. You appreciate freedom and like having control of all aspects in your life. If not, you can become rebellious.

Pisces Rising
You come across as dreamy and sometimes, non-realistic. You may tend to avoid reality as a self-protection. Logic doesn’t appeal so much to you as you are aware that most of the important things aren’t based on logic but rather, emotions and feelings. Emotionally, you tend to be hurt easily due to your sentimental nature. 

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