Anonymous whispered, "What happens when your moon sign is the same as your sun sign?"

It means the traits of that zodiac are exceptionally strong for you! And you are considered a double of that sign, for example, a Double Taurus, etc. :)

Anonymous whispered, "Rachel McAdams is actually a Libra, not a scorpio."

She was born on 17 November. That makes her a Scorpio.

Anonymous whispered, "will you be re-making or doing any more of the new style posts? (which i really love by the way!) it's just i was going to reblog the capricorn one, were it not for the split-in-half title ;("

I’ll not be remaking them but yes, I will be doing more of the new style posts! I have plenty of ideas of what I shall do next :D For zodiac facts though, I’ll be using the old style. Ah, really sorry about that, I can make it fit without splitting it, but the word will be too small!

Anonymous whispered, "Dont you have a facebook page? I would love to share your stuff there!"

I don’t have one at the moment. Maybe soon? I’ll announce it when I do! :)

Make yourself cozy and enjoy your stay. ♥

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